art will always take us somewhere 


#Arteachesme is a grass roots initiative created by

Marlesha S. Woods Visual Arts Studio 

with a holistic approach towards art education programming.


Arteachesme is dedicated within the discipline of visual arts to develop & engage intergenerational & intercultural cohorts of all ages... those that are young in nature & persons young at heart.

create art + cultivate environments for art to be redefined & thrive

the focus is not the art but where the art takes us 

The Vision behind the VISUALS

Continual teaching + creating + learning = 


art based COMMUNITY engagement


cultural shifts towards wellness

connected people & ideas  

supported social systems including but not limited to public health

 EmPOWERment 2 change the conversation

...or CREATE one when necessary!

there is art to be made...let's make some

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