"We cultivate communities through the interplay of interdisciplinary art & public health. Developing a strategic framework to provide individuals & corporations with art education, program development, creative tool kits & resources. Our work is guided by teaching artists, which expands the possibilities for transformative change. We believe that holistically approaching the needs of our communities, to uplift the common good, begins with participation, practice, & play."


Our Teaching Artists Network participates in developing more vibrant spaces for social-emotional learning, creative placemaking, and creative aging by showing up for their communities, their families, and themselves. 


How we show up in learning, creating, and cultivating environments is a result of practice. We engage is continual professional & personal development to ensure that our methods of communicating today do not reflect metrics of past progress. 

Our choice to teach is our choice to first be learners. We teach a variety of artistic  expressions, and the art or process of interpreting those expressions teaches us. 


Our expectations for success are not guided by institutionalized standards of growth. We are aware that expanding and empowering communities requires: 

connectedness with the populations that we serve

humility with establishing bridges of understanding 

& willingness to meet new challenges and uncover new solutions when we show up.

& we will show up (.)