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Kennina Porter has devoted over 10 years to working with young adults. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in broadcast communication and Master of Arts Degree in Adult Education from Western Kentucky University. Kennina spent five years as the Minority Recruitment Coordinator for the Office of Admissions at Western Kentucky University, where she has traveled and worked with young people in cities such as Chicago, IL, Memphis Tennessee, Indianapolis, Indiana, Lexington, KY, St Louis, MO, and  Cincinnati, OH. In 2014, she decided that she wanted to dedicate her life to non profit work and joined YouthBuild Louisville, where she is now the Program Director overseeing the student services, leadership, and education departments. In addition to serving as a youth job coach for the Summerworks Program, she also serves on the board with Pride Leadership Academy. While working daily with young women, Kennina noticed the need for a holistic leadership development program that also included networking and mentorship. The She Is… curriculum was then born to meet the specific needs of  young women, focusing on four major areas: Identity, Relationships, Purpose, Money, and Wellness.

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  • To gain an understanding of what characteristics make up personal identity by examining family history, cultural heritage and community history

  • To explore and determine personal career options, talents, skills, and pathways

  • To gain a understanding of financial literacy and develop an individual plan for money management

  • Identify the pertinent components of health and wellness

  • To complete development individual mission statements and portfolios

  • To become a mentor!


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MIssion: The She Is…. curriculum is to designed to provide young women with the leadership skills needed to transition into a career and build a successful future. The goal is to empower young women through understanding the importance of recognizing self worth and self care. At the completion of the course it is our hope that each young woman (18-25) will be willing and able to mentor a young girl (10-15).