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Creating a pop-up garden in collaboration with Marlesha S. Woods Visual Arts Studio little artists will learn about the correlation between nature and art. Inspired not only to nurture plant life each child will create a positive affirmation to inspire an optimistic perspective for their present and future success. The nature inspired art created will be displayed during their art exhibit hosted in Fall of 2017. Campers will also engage in a replicated horticulture activity conducted with an activity kit from the U.S Botanical Garden. If children have not visited the nation’s capital the visual artist will bring a bit of Washington D.C. to them!


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Using visual arts and performing arts campers will create a series of 2D/3D art. Exploring mediums and techniques such as painting, jewelry making, ceramics, sculpture and more this interactive experience is certain to expand the concept of art. What is art? Can anyone be an artist? BONUS…. a field trip to 21C Art Museum!!!


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What happens when physical fitness meets visual arts….? The GREATEST mashup ever! Recreating old school games such as relay race, an obstacle course among other childhood favorites campers will literally stretch every bit of their muscles… both mind and body. Can you imagine a watercolor balloon fight? In art we paint hard and we PLAY even harder!!!


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Whether making glow in the dark slime or experimenting with giant bubbles this hands on art module is sure to boost little artists’ imagination and cognitive skills. YES…. Art is not a science but science can be an art!!!

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STUDIO SUMMER 2017 withthe teaching artist!!!