"We cultivate communities through the interplay of interdisciplinary art & public health. Developing a strategic framework to provide individuals & corporations with art education, program development, creative tool kits & resources. Our work is guided by teaching artists, which expands the possibilities for transformative change. We believe that holistically approaching the needs of our communities, to uplift the common good, begins with participation, practice, & play."

-Marlesha S. Woods


Collaborate to connect with comprehensive Networks, Resources, & Customized Program Solutions that: 


Support Developing & Established Communities

Streamline Engagement Strategies 

Increase Conversions (ROI)

Heighten Brand Visibility

Cultivate Vested Participation (Buy-In)


Connect with Teaching Artist Instruction, original Curriculum, Programming Development, Visual Storytelling, Marketing & Data resources to meet corporate & non-profit  grant & core standards including: 

Onsite & Virtual Arts Learning Modules

Program Design (Infographics, Social Media Content, Archived Analytics, Web Design, & More) 

Team Building Workshops

STEAM Curriculum

Community Art Exhibit Development

Marketing & Digital Footprint SEO Growth 


Community Art Programming is designed to:


Reiterate Organization Mission Statements

Sustain Community Engagement

Expand Philanthropic Investment

Preserve Cultural Fluency

Diversify Representation, & Implementation 

"vision meets synergy"  

Community is

re-imagined through participation, practice & play."